I'm a web developer & I love to code.

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I am an experienced software developer specializing in web development and design. I have worked with non-profit organizations, individual clients, corporations, large and medium sized companies, and federal agencies.

I fluently speak and write in both English and Spanish, have the ability to draw from observation, can cook some really great tasting food, have strong passion for all aspects of modern technology, love to dance, and I am possibly the reason Nestlé began producing Kit Kats with more than just four bars.

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My Other Passions


Even though I still have a lot left to learn, I absolutely love fishing. The thrill of not knowing what you're going to catch and then finally landing a fish that drops you to your knees is absolutely amazing and tons of fun! It has certainly become a great hobby of mine that I absolutely enjoy.

From working on my own car to going to car shows and drag races, I am a big car enthusiast. Each car has its own unique potential but it's up to the driver to know what to do with it.

Every year I set out to travel to a new place whether it's a different country, city, state or town. Wherever you go there are new things to learn and new journeys to experience and that is what draws me to travelling. By travelling, I am able to open up my mind to different ways of life, perspectives, and ideas that I may have never known about.

By giving to others we make our OWN lives better and more fulfilling and at the end of the day there is a great feeling of accomplishment that you made someone else's day or LIFE a bit better. By volunteering at Habitat for Humanity and donating my time for local fundraisers I am able to become an active contributor to our society.

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